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Working With Deer

Three Decades of Success

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Working With Deer

3 Decades of Success

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Starting a Deer Farm or Deer Park

If you are a new entrant to Deer Farming, setting up a Deer Park or looking to add Woburn Deer to your herd we can help with our pre and post sale support. Our history of successful sales and a team of dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable employees means we are well placed to answer any queries you may have. 

There has been good growth in the UK deer farming sector in recent years. Working with deer is highly rewarding and, although many livestock management principles that apply to cattle and sheep are the same, there are some key considerations to take when planning to introduce deer.

Woburn Deer Farm is very proud of our connection to Deer Parks around the UK and Europe. We are also very fortunate to manage the Woburn Deer Park, with over 1600 deer and nine species.  If you are currently running a park or you are considering creating one, we can show you how the Woburn genetics can play an important role in your herd.  We can also share our extensive knowledge and expertise to help create a management plan to suit your purpose.

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Why Choose Woburn

The continued focus of superior herd management on farm and the experience managing Woburn Deer Park have put our team in a position to offer advice and guidance in all aspects of deer management.  Below is a brief list of some areas where we can offer support 

  • Farm/Park Design – It is important to start at the beginning and if the basic farm or park design is correct this can have huge impacts on future performance and developments.
  • Management Plans – With a sound knowledge of commercial venison production units through to amenity park set ups we can offer guidance and practical management solutions to help you achieve your aims.
  • Handling System – We do not run any contracting teams for the building of handling systems but our experience gained through the use of our own handling system design and helping design and handle deer in others gives us an in depth insight into what is required when designing any handling system.
  • Winter Feeding Programs – Whether Park or Farm, it is important to have winter feeding programs in place. Every situation is different and unique but we can offer basic advice as to what the requirements of your deer will be throughout the year.
  • Breeding Programs – There are a number of options when planning breeding programs, from mob mating to single sire groups and sire selection. We can advise in all areas.
  • AI Programs - With over 7 years of successful AI programs at Woburn Deer Farm we are happy to discuss and advise the positive herd improvements available through AI and the practical challenges you need to be aware of.

Through our Partners we also have great contacts to help with anything from recording information to soil profiling.

Please note: Woburn Deer Farm's support is linked with sales, we do not offer consultation services. We will always be happy to discuss any customer queries regarding deer and encourage any interested parties to consider visiting the farm to see how it is managed.


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