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A Passion for Deer

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Committed to the Deer Industry

Working Together

With three decades of history, Woburn Deer Farm has developed some key partnerships over this period. Embracing technology, in many cases Woburn Deer Farm have helped to develop “deer specific” technologies to benefit the industry.

At Woburn we believe that to achieve optimum performance and efficiency all aspects of the farm need to perform. With this methodology in mind equal focus is given to every factor including, welfare, fencing, grassland, winter feeding, technology and record keeping.

We pride ourselves on employing modern technology and management tools to acheive our vision of high quality herd management. All of our partners have added their expertise and knowledge to create a succesful management programme.

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Our Partners

The British Deer Farms and Parks Association – Woburn Deer Farm has had a strong relationship with the BDFPA and continues to work with the association to continue moving the deer industry forwards.

Tyndale Vets – With a strong focus on welfare and herd health Tyndale vets have been a huge support and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

ForFarmers – Nutrition is a key part of our management here at Woburn Deer Farm and we are very happy to be supported by ForFarmers to possibly help develop deer focused nutritional supplements moving forwards.

Deer and Game – Managed by Clive Jermy in New Zealand who has been servicing the deer industry in NZ and internationally since 1979.

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Our Partners

Wilkins Farming – One of the leading deer farms in NZ, Wilkins Farming are at the leading edge of world deer farming for superior herd management using current technology and management tools.

Border Software – Woburn worked with Border Software in helping to develop the “deer select” management tools in the FarmIT 3000 programme which we use on Farm today.

Datamars – have been a key company for introducing new technology to improve management techniques on farm.

Soyl – is the leading precision crop production service provider in the UK. We have been working with Soyl to create management plans for grassland management.


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The British Deer Farms and Parks Association

The BDFPA are Industry Representatives for Deer Parks and Farms around the UK and offer training and support.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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Tyndale Vets                                                                      

With Sam Ecroyd and Kit Heawood the Tyndale Vets have shown a passion and indepth knowledge of all aspects of Park and Farm Deer Management.                                                                                                                                                 

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As an international livestock feed manufacturer ForFarmers understand the challanges faced in modern deer farm management and have developed the Cairngorm Deer feed line to supply the industry.

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Deer and Game Services

Run by Clive Jermy in New Zealand offering to share the knowledge gained over the last 35 years of hands on practical experience producing the world’s finest red deer, with those that wish to progress the performance of their own Deer operations.

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Border Software

A dedicated software company specialising in on farm management software with interfacing to EID readers and development of weighing equipment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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SOYL is the leading precision crop production service provider in the UK.  SOYL produces and interprets variable rate maps covering over 1 million hectares of land and its software technology is in use in over 15 countries worldwide.

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Using technology and innovations allow farmers and producers to, among other things, manage input costs, detect disease early, provide optimum levels of feed and nutrition to individual animals and maximise returns.

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Wilkins Farming

Wilkins Farmings aim is to produce a high value animal with a venison focus, from an efficient maternal weight hind using the latest technology and best genetics available.                                                                                          

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Simon Boddy

A big thank you to Simon Boddy from THE best Butchers for his outstanding photography.