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The world renowned Woburn Abbey Deer Farm was set up in 1993, with a long term vision of maximising the potential of the Woburn Red Deer genetics. Working to optimise performance through nutrition and selective management to help Woburn Deer Farm supply other parks in the UK and Europe with the very best Red Deer genetics.

Here are three of our renowned sires, follow the link below to see more of our deer.

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Woburn Alexander

M11 - Born 2004

The magnificent Woburn Alexander one of our main sire stags 2013 and 2014. Fantastic body weight and correct multi pointed antlers.

Pictured at 580 IOA and 258 kg body weight. 55 points. 16kg hard antler. Sire: Jamie. Dam: H9.


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Woburn Speedwell

01417 - Born 2014

This exciting young stag has a promising future. His first offspring were born Spring 2017 and we are looking forward to seeing the traits that he has passed on.

Pictured at 2 years old Sire: Norton II. Dam: N40

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Woburn Torrington

Born 2008

Torrington has been an important sire in the farm between 2012 and 2015. His great body confirmation and clean antlers gave him an extra presence.

Pictured at 8 years old he is now 10 years old. This sire has proven fantastic hereditability with fantastic daughters and sons, one of which at 3 years old this year is extremely exciting for the future (01505)

Deer For Sale

We export deer internationally and nationally and are experienced in all aspects of movement, testing and transportation. The welfare of our deer is paramount, as is the trust and integrity of our relationships with our clients.

Deer for Sale

21 Years of Excellence 

There have been Red Deer at Woburn for centuries in the deer park where they are revered for their beauty. With the creation of the Deer Farm in 1985 Woburn Deer Farm is proud to be one of the world leaders in Red Deer known internationally for the quality and proven hereditability of the Woburn bloodlines.

Our World Records


Average Male Weight (12 Months): 119kg

Average Female Weight (12 Months): 87kg

Top Male (4 years old/2014 Born): 300kg

Top Female Weight: 152kg

Average Antler Weight: 15kg

Top Antler Weight 2013: Alexander with 18kg