Woburn Abbey Deer Farm

The Very Best Red Deer

The world renowned Woburn Abbey Deer Farm was set up in 1993, with a long term vision of maximising the potential of the Woburn Red Deer genetics. We breed with only the very best Red Deer taken from Woburn Park and continue to produce some of the biggest antlered Red Deer in the world. Our Deer Farm is located alongside our 3,000 acre Deer Park. 

Here are three of our renowned sires, follow the link below to see more of our deer. 

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Woburn Alexander

M11 - Born 2004

The magnificent Woburn Alexander was relocated back to the deer farm this year, after a period in the Woburn Abbey Deer Park, to become one of our main sire stags. We plan to collect semen from him this year for future sales.

Pictured at 580 IOA and 258 kg body weight. 55 measurable points. 16kg of hard cut antler. Sire: Jamie. Dam: H9.


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Woburn Spencer

Y3 - Born 2010

This exciting young stag has a promising future, having been first being used as a sire stag at 2 years old. His first offspring were born Spring 2013 and will be available in 2014. We're looking forward to seeing the traits that he has passed on.

Semen from Woburn Spencer will be available 2014. Sire: Henry T. Dam: E19.

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Woburn Torrington

Born 2008

Torrington was brought in to the deer farm from the park in 2012 for his long tops and tine length. His has huge antler gains each year with a 3 kg gain in one year of hard antler.

He is now 5 years old with 11.5 kg of hard cut antler. We are looking forward to seeing what he has passed on to his first offspring.

Deer For Sale

We export deer internationally and nationally and are experienced in all aspects of movement, testing and transportation. The welfare of our deer is paramount, as is the trust and integrity of our relationships with our clients.

Deer for Sale

21 Years of Excellence 

The Red Deer have been at Woburn Park for over 250 years and are revered for the quality of their antlers. At Woburn Deer Farm, we are now able to selectively breed these deer and the results have been outstanding. Woburn has held 3 world records with SCI and CIC.

Our World Records


Average Male Weight (12 Months): 119kg

Average Female Weight (12 Months): 87kg

Top Male (15 Months/2012 Born): 167kg

Top Female Weight: 152kg

Average Antler Weight: 15kg

Top Cut Hard Antler Weight 2013: Alexander with 16kg