Woburn Abbey Deer Farm

21 Years of Excellence

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Woburn is world renowned for heavy multi-pointed heads ideally suited for trophy production and velvet production.

The Woburn Bloodline has had a huge influence in New Zealand’s National Herd and has added an important dimension to the genetic advancements that have been made in recent years in New Zealand. We have also had big influences nearer to home and across Europe wanted notably for their heavy antlers. There are not many countries throughout Europe which don’t have Woburn Genetics, Latvia, Germany, France, the Czech Republic and recently Russia to name but a few. As a result we are experienced in exporting deer and genetic material throughout the world.

We share farmed in Belgium for a number of years to safe guard our genetics from disease, in particular foot and mouth.

Woburn’s contribution to the world deer industry has been immense:

  • Woburn Herbrand at 605 IOA, the first red deer to go over 600 inches at 5 yrs old, then 636, 645 and a final score of 620 SCI.
  • Woburn Callum, 19.8 kg and 69 points.
  • World record SCI sires Tamar and now Woody.
  • Woburn Oak, new world record for weight weighing 23.7 kg of hard antler.
  • Former world record for weight was Hotspur at 23.4 kg who was a Woburn Bedford son as was Tamar. Woburn Bedford’s dam is still at the Woburn deer farm.
  • Woburn Endsleigh, the first stag in recorded history to 60 points.
  • Woburn Safaris, a 609 SCI stag taken in England.
  • Woburn Big Boy (pictured), biggest SCI stag produced in England at 616 SCI.


Woburn continues these incredible achievements with Woburn Alexander at 55 points and 16 kg of hard antler. We use all of the historic bloodlines as well as new unknown lines from the broad genetic diversity of the deer park.