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Woburn Deer Secures International Reputation in Red Deer Genetics

Woburn Oak, a stag bred using the highest quality genetic material from Woburn Deer Farm, has broken all previous world records by producing 23.7kg of hard antler.

Woburn Deer has a long track record at the forefront of red deer genetics and antler production internationally. In addition to their herds located on the Woburn Estate in the UK, Woburn Deer worked in partnership with The Stanfield Stud in New Zealand from 1994 to 2012 to establish a renowned herd of red deer in the southern hemisphere.

These bloodlines, which originate from semen and live exports from their Bedfordshire deer park, have become record breakers. Woburn Herbrand became the first deer to exceed 600 SCI and won the National Hard Antler competition in New Zealand three years in a row. Woburn Endsleigh took up the record for most points when he achieved 60 points – a record that had stood since the celebrated 66 pointer at Moritzburg in 1686. Woburn Oak has now taken the achievements of genetic bloodlines from Woburn Deer to new heights with the production of a world record weight of 23.7kg of hard antler.

Woburn Deer are pleased to announce that ongoing AI programmes means that offspring sired by award-winning Woburn Herbrand (pictured) will be available for purchase from 2015. 

This year, Woburn Deer can also claim to be the first to successfully export live deer directly to customers in Russia. This adds to the range of countries which have previously received deer from Woburn including France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Hungry, Sweden, Germany, Latvia and the Czech Republic.