Woburn Abbey Deer Farm

Deer for Sale

Woburn Deer Farm is proud to offer for sale the best genetic quality Woburn deer, to help you increase your productivity and Antler quality.

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Finest red deer genetics

Woburn Deer Farm is pleased to announce that offspring sired by award-winning ‘Woburn Herbrand’ is available for purchase along with offspring from other prolific Woburn sire stags from the UK and New Zealand made possible from the ongoing AI (artificial insemination) programs carried out at The Woburn Abbey Deer Farm.  

Hinds tend to be available from 18 months of age and can be mated to your choice of sire stag. Stags are available from two years of age, when they showing their true potential of antler quality. Genetic material (straws of semen) from past and present sire stags is available on request.

(Pictured left, tag no: 014 17 at 2 years)


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Deer you can Trust

Woburn Deer Farm is a registered collection centre for genetic material for export. Woburn Deer Farm also carries out an annually whole herd test for TB as part of their policy on animal health. Annual TB testing is not a legal requirement in the UK for deer.

(Pictured right, tag no: 013 18 at 2 years)


Transport of your Deer

We export deer internationally and across the UK for clients, with a highly skilled, experienced team for all aspects of movement, testing and transportation.

The welfare of Woburn deer throughout transportation is of paramount importance and successful operations have helped build a reputation for integrity and trust in our relationships with clients. 

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Woburn Deer Farm is proud to be the first UK deer farm to successfully export live deer directly to customers in Russia. This adds to the ever expanding portfolio of clients across France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Hungry, Sweden, Germany, Latvia and the Czech Republic.

For more information on live animals for sale and straws of semen or to arrange a visit to Woburn Deer please contact Martin Harwood on 01525 290333.

(Pictured left, tag no: 013 21 at 2 years)