Woburn Abbey Deer Farm

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The Deer Farm here at Woburn was set up in 1993 to optimise the true potential of the Woburn Abbey Red Deer Genetics across the world.

The Deer Farm enabled the export of live stock and then genetic material around the world and allowed us to establish our own herd of pure Woburn Deer in New Zealand. This was managed by one of the world authorities of deer, Clive Jermy of the Stanfield European Red Deer Stud.

The Woburn Deer Farm currently extends over 60 acres of the Bedford Estates in central England. The original stock was taken from the 3000 acre deer park at Woburn, which formed the basis for the last twenty years of record breaking.


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The Farm continues to be a world leading deer farm in Red Deer genetics and adopts the latest in deer management practices from electronic tagging, artificial insemination, embryo transplants and the management of parasites.

The handling facilities are designed to maximise the safety of the stockmen and to ensure the highest welfare of the deer when they are being handled and tested for export. The Farm currently runs 50 hinds with followers and three sire stags.

Woburn encourages potential clients to come and visit the Deer Farm to see the standards and quality for themselves.